Meet the Doctor

  • Dr.
    Francis Smith

    Dr. Smith received his Doctorate in Chiropractic from Life University in 1986.  He is  the director of Chiropractic Works in Burlington, Vermont.  He has been serving his Northern Vermont patients for approximately 30 years.  Dr. Smith is steadfast about educating his patients in the philosophy, science and the art of chiropractic.  He feels that through his education process his patients can see the lifetime benefits of continued chiropractic as part of health care paradigm.

    In 2008, Dr. Smith was inducted into the Chiropractic Knights of the Roundtable, which is a prestigious academic fraternity that convenes for the purpose of sharing cutting-edge research and information.  Their membership consists of some of the most prominent Chiropractors in the world and the most outstanding leaders of the Chiropractic profession.  There are only 90 members accepted internationally.

    Dr. Smith enjoys his free time with his wife Jo-Anne and his daughter Fiona.  He is also an avid skier and cyclist.